What are your precious memories worth?  Chances are, you have tons of photos and video tapes, but you don’t enjoy them as often as you’d like.  Unfortunately, your photos and video tapes are slowly deteriorating.  Time is the worst enemy for any non-digital media like VHS tapes and photo albums.

We can save your memories from further damage.  In fact, we can improve their current condition and create a customized video for your enjoyment for years to come.  We specialize in preserving and enhancing your photo and video memories and turning them into DVD keepsakes that you will treasure a lifetime!

We can transfer your memories from the media listed below to a digital format.

  1. Photographs

  2. -35mm slides or film, and

  3. -Developed photographs up to 8” x 10”

  1. Videos

  2. -VHS and Super VHS (S-VHS)

  3. -Compact VHS (C-VHS)

  4. -Digital 8, and

  5. -Mini DV tapes

We digitize these images, then enhance them with color correction and digital editing as needed.  Then we can add title slides, transitions, music and other elements to create the final product that you and your family will enjoy for years!


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